Vacation Vibes | Limited Edition Seasonal Box

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Escape to paradise with our Limited Time Seasonal Box! This collection will have you ready to pack your suitcase and head to the shore! Featuring two 16 oz Candles plus three 2.5 oz Artisan Wax Melts and a 4 oz Room Spray, this set embodies the freedom and indulgence of a Spring Break vacation. Dive into tropical bliss today!

Here's what's inside:
  • Vacation Calories 16 oz Candle: Everybody knows Vacation Calories don’t count! With notes of ice cream, chocolate cake, and vanilla, this candle evokes the freedom of vacation and pure indulgence. Treat yourself to the sweet escape of Vacation Calories.
  • Aloha Pineapple 16 oz Candle: Transport yourself to an island paradise with Aloha Pineapple. Infused with coconut, pineapple, vanilla, and sage, this candle captures the essence of warm tropical breezes and long, lazy days. Let the aroma whisk you away to a blissful escape.
  • Beach, Please 2.5 oz Artisan Wax Melt: Dive into vacation vibes with our ‘Beach, Please’ wax melt. Passionfruit, mango, magnolia, and vanilla combine for a fun, fruity scent reminiscent of the perfect beach drink. Let the aroma transport you to sunny shores and carefree moments.
  • Palm Tree Paradise 2.5 oz Artisan Wax Melt: Escape to Palm Tree Paradise with our fun palm tree shaped wax melt. Infused with kiwi, cucumber, bamboo, and fresh melon, it brings the invigorating scents of a coastal getaway. Let the tropical aroma transport you to a much deserved spring break.
  • Sunset Serenade 2.5 oz Artisan Wax Melt: Introducing Sunset Serenade Artisan Melt—with scents of sea ozone, juicy peach, greens, and jasmine petals, it embodies the very essence of beachside bliss. Let it carry you to a serene sunset, surrounded by salty sea air and fragrant floral aromas. Dive into relaxation today!
  • Wanderlust 4 oz Odor Eliminating Room Spray: Embark on a journey with our Wanderlust Room Spray. With notes of bergamot, mountain air, coriander, and amber, it captures the feeling of adventure and freedom. Let the scent transport you to new horizons, evoking the thrill of exploration and the joy of discovery.

    Ingredients: RO/DI Water, DEG Monobuytl Ether, Antioxidants, Natural Odor Absorbing Enzymes, Fragrance Oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Absolutely amazing

Bobbi Gearhart

I was so pleased with my Beach box!! Smelled exactly the way I hoping when I received it!! The fragrance last like I was hoping also!! First time buying from the company and would buy again

Jennie Kaderabek
Amazing at home vacation vibes!

This limited edition box was an amazing experience to open up. And the box was so fun to open up! I can't wait to have my very own vacation vibes at home experience as I use these products. Can't wait for the summer box!

Abigail Dewilde

The Aloha Pineapple is my new favorite, I hope this is available in the future :)

Gwenda Knight

Vacation Vibes | Limited Edition Seasonal Box