Fruit Loops | Mason Jar Candle

This scent will immediately transport you back to your childhood, waking up on a Saturday morning to get a BIG bowl of Fruit Loops cereal and turning on the cartoons! This is a long-time kid favorite with notes of cereal, sugared milk, lemon, and hints of vanilla.

Customer Reviews

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Brian McKenna
Fruit Loops

I just love that smell :) ! Makes me smile!

Elizabeth Walker

Smells so good!! I absolutely love it! I also loved the handwritten thank you!

Brenda Z

This is one of my absolute favorites! Love, love, love!♥️

Fruit loop candle

Love the smell! definitely my favorite candle.

A. Frederick
No Need to Burn. Just Remove Lid, Insert Nose, and Inhale Deeply

That's right! I often find myself taking a "hit" as I walk past a shelf or dresser with a Fruit Loops jar candle on it. I gotta have my "fix", man! That's why the vicious rumors of discontinuing the product are so harmful... I can't go "cold turkey" now!

Sure, you can burn the candle like some old "square" if you want to, but I've discovered I can "fruitloopify" an entire room in short order by just removing the lid and setting the jar in front of a space heater. It's completely "far out"!

The Fruit Loops jar candle is a great product and a groovy gift for cereal addicts everywhere. Please don't stop making it. That would be a real bummer, man!