Fruit Loops | Mason Jar Candle

This scent will immediately transport you back to your childhood, waking up on a Saturday morning to get a BIG bowl of Fruit Loops cereal and turning on the cartoons! This is a long-time kid favorite with notes of cereal, sugared milk, lemon, and hints of vanilla.

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Fruit loop candle

Love the smell! definitely my favorite candle.

A. Frederick
No Need to Burn. Just Remove Lid, Insert Nose, and Inhale Deeply

That's right! I often find myself taking a "hit" as I walk past a shelf or dresser with a Fruit Loops jar candle on it. I gotta have my "fix", man! That's why the vicious rumors of discontinuing the product are so harmful... I can't go "cold turkey" now!

Sure, you can burn the candle like some old "square" if you want to, but I've discovered I can "fruitloopify" an entire room in short order by just removing the lid and setting the jar in front of a space heater. It's completely "far out"!

The Fruit Loops jar candle is a great product and a groovy gift for cereal addicts everywhere. Please don't stop making it. That would be a real bummer, man!

Morgin A Heacox

Every scent I received is phenomenal! My only regret is buying just one of the Happy Easter. Hands down, best scent ever.


Froot Loops it’s like eating a bowl of cereal!!! You can’t go wrong with this. It’s great for a kids room. Or anywhere in the house! You have to at least buy It one time and you will be in LOVE

Elizabeth Lucero
Love it

This smell is so wonderful! Smells just like the cereal! Brings me back to my childhood.